Sep 4, 2020

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Boiling Lettuce for a Teething Baby
By: Andrea Boldt

14 August, 2017

You might be willing to do almost anything to relieve your baby the pain of teething. Modern-day remedies for teething include topical anesthetics and anti-inflammatories, but you may be uncomfortable putting all these chemicals into your little one’s mouth. Hundreds of natural remedies for teething exist, but little scientific evidence supports them as an absolute cure-all for the pain and fussiness associated with getting new teeth. A little known, but potentially helpful, remedy for teething babies involves boiling lettuce and using the warm -- not hot -- or cooled liquid as a bath or a tea. Although no guarantees exist that boiled lettuce will alleviate teething discomfort, it is a harmless treatment that may be worth a try.

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